Deli Wraps

New and innovative range of Deli Wraps

  • Superior quality from shorter shelf life - softer eat, less dry, fewer preservatives
  • Strong communication on packaging about versatility for contemporary sandwiches and snacks
  • Light and modern bread alternative
    Stronger focus on the Mission brand

Bakery positioning:

  • Adding value & increasing variety within the bakery category
  • Stimulate the category with innovations
  • Satisfy consumer demands for innovation & choice
  • Flat breads appeal to a young and affluent buyer base and attract new incremental buyers (wider demographic)

Benefits of bakery Deli Wraps:

  • Bakery positioning increases penetration & frequency of purchase and drives sales
  • Strong price positioning stimulated by promotional activities
  • Communicates versatility in contemporary sandwiches and snacks
  • No Mexican positioning: new alternative to bread for sandwiches
  • Healthy alternative to other bakery products

Marketing and Sales Support

  • Mission Foods is commited to develop the brand and also to manage the category.


Product description per S.U. weight per S.U. S.U. per case cases per euro pallet minimum life
6 Deli Wraps Original 25 cm 370 g 12 44 90 days
6 Deli Wraps Multigrain 25 cm 370 g 12 44 90 days
6 Deli Wraps Mediterranean Herb 25 cm 370 g 12 44 90 days