25 January 2011

GRUMA wins World Finance Award 2011

GRUMA meets expansion targets

The globalised Mexican food company is employing strategic planning schemes. Crises provide growth opportunities, says GRUMA Chairman Roberto González Barrera.

In 2011, GRUMA will likely face various challenges. Thanks to the company's preparation - much as in previous years - its strategic business approach will allow it to move forward with great success. The Mexican multinational, with 93 plants strategically located to sell its products in 102 countries throughout America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, is already aware of some of problems it will encounter. Grain price volatility, maintaining consumption levels - mainly in the US - and utilising optimal flow generation to maintain a healthy financial structure are all concerns. In light of this company is already preparing to meet these challenges head on.
GRUMA has now purchased all the corn to cover its production needs in the US, the market currently with the greatest grain price volatility impact. Having addressed this situation, the company can now offer a competitive price strategy and continue growing in the tortilla market.

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